Lincoln Property - Nevada

Location and Tenure

KIMG0610The Lincoln Property consists of approximately 1600 acres located in northwest part of the prolific Clayton Valley. The Lincoln Property is situated near the northwest flank of Rockwood Lithium’s Silver Peak mine, the only lithium producer in North America. This exciting new prospect lies adjacent to the west of Lithium X’s north block. Exploration logistics are excellent with property access via a paved highway approximately ½ km from the property boundary.

Historic Work in Clayton Valley

In the 1970’s, the United States Geological Services (“USGS”) conducted a 7 hole drill program along the north end of the Clayton Valley in an effort to identify lithium bearing brines and volcanic sediments. All of the holes reported anomalous lithium with grades ranging from 310 ppm to 1700 ppm and as shallow as 100 feet (30 meters). The Lincoln Property lies within 500 meters of one of the seven USGS holes, one of the holes reports as high as 930 ppm lithium at a depth of 100 feet (30 meters). (Source: USGS Open-File Report 82-415, 1982)

Currently Rockwood Lithium extracts and processes lithium bearing brines. This mine has been supplying the lithium market since 1967. Other active companies in the Valley include Pure Energy, 9km south of Lincoln with a current NI 43-101 inferred resource of 816,000 tons. Also Lithium X has recently been approved for drilling on their north block, adjacent to the Lincoln Property. (Lithium X Press Release 03-23-2016)

Geologic Model of Clayton Valley Nevada

Located in the Basin and Range Province within western Nevada, the 15 km wide and 20 km long Clayton Valley is an internally drained, fault bounded and closed basin. In 1966, Foote Mineral began lithium brine production from the aquifers underlying the current Rockwood Lithium operation which is located immediately to the east of Noka’s Lincoln Property. The Clayton Valley is an extremely active lithium exploration area.

There is a definite relationship between Clayton Valley sediment and brine lithium grades and the nearby presence of lithium-bearing volcanic “air fall” tuff units which occur repeatedly throughout the unconsolidated Clayton Valley sedimentary and volcaniclastic rocks. Theoretical and practical observations suggest a relatively simple geological model for use in exploration. Lithium bearing rhyolitic tuff units were leached and exposed over time in evaporative shallow desert lake conditions, enriched in lithium and buried. This process was repeated over long periods of time. The buried enriched layers are now being leached with their contained lithium being re-mobilized in present day salty aquifers. Six major aquifers have been mined in the vicinity of Noka’s Lincoln Property, including the 10 to 30 foot (3 to 10 m) thick Main Ash Aquifer. Due to the proximity of Noka’s Lincoln Property to the well explored adjacent Rockwood Lithium operation, all six acquifers are known or projected to exist below the entire extent of the Lincoln Property.



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